Our bottles are filled with nothing but the best ORGANIC FAIR TRADE TEAS, ORGANIC CANE SUGAR, RONGOA MAORI HERBS and a killer SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) - we have developed the BEST TASTING kombucha in AOTEAROA that would give ciders a run for their money & will improve your gut health.

We haven't even hit the real reason why you and your whanau need to be sipping our buch on the daily, EVERY bottle fills your body with probiotics, antioxidants and live gut culture, these health benefits means you are CLEANSING, DETOXING, NOURISHING & HEALING your body with every bottle from the inside out!


Not only are we the BEST TASTING Kombucha in NZ, we make sure that our kombucha is not full of any nasties but packed for of all the health benefits you could ask for. You can be confident that every sip of Roa Kombucha is FREE from artificial colours, sweeteners, preservatives and flavours. All our ingredients are organic and are things you can actually pronounce! 

Secondly, we don't pasteurize our brews, which makes them a LIVING BEVERAGE, the best thing that you can do is keep your drinks in the fridge which ''chills'' your Kombucha out, and stops it from continuing to ferment. Kombucha is similar to wine in that the more the Kombucha ferments the tangier and stronger the taste can be!  Its the most simple and natural way to improve your gut health!


I've been a fan of Roa for a couple of years, definitely the best tasting kombucha around.
I was a massive energy drink person for over 20 years, they finally caught up with me & I was experiencing gut health problems.

I turned to Roa as a healthy drink alternative & it still has a bit of fizz which is what I like. Now I feel good about what I'm drinking instead of guilty from 2-3 energy drinks daily.

Suzanne Bell
Papamoa, NZ

Roa Kombucha has been an extremely beneficial part of my diet over the last couple years. I suffered from indigestion for 15 years before replacing the casual after work beer with a tasty healthy alternative. I have never felt better with a strong fitness drive, highly recommended to anyone considering a healthier lifestyle. Nga Mihi mo te koha o te hauora pai.

Phillip Shalfoon
Tauranga, NZ

Roa Kombucha has definitely changed my overall health!! For almost 30 years I have suffered quietly in pain. I had pain, bloating, and huge amounts of discomfort everyday, unable to eat meat at first, which progressed onto anything with oil, fat, eggs, bread etc.. I had tried everything including supermarket Kombucha (tasted absolutely foul) on my journey to no avail.

I came across Roa Kombucha and gave it a go...1 a day for 2 weeks. absolute game changer!!! I have no pain, no bloating, no discomfort!! My daily go too. Medication is now zero:) Even my 2 and 3 year old mokopuna drink it. Berry/Hibiscus is their favourite. Definitely something I will continue to do for me and my whanau.

1 a day to keep the pain away!!!

Peata Matthews
Tauranga, NZ



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