Locally Brewed Kombucha in Papamoa, NZ

Roa Kombucha is a sweetened tea based drink that is fermented using a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). We use organic green/oolong fair trade tea as a base, our brews ferment for approximately 10-14 days before our flavours and native ingredients are added. We don't pasteurize our brews meaning, they are a LIVE beverage, what is produced is a slightly sweet, yet tangy, fizzy drink packed full of live good gut bacteria, probiotics and antioxidants that have a number of healing properties and health benefits.

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Live, Raw & Unpasterised Authentic Kombucha NZ

At Roa Kombucha NZ we pride ourselves in providing the best tasting Kombucha in New Zealand. Our drinks are slightly sweeter than most of its kind. Its a perfect mainstream drink to transition you and your family into. Your kids will love our flavours! We are packed full of raw, organic, ingredients, loaded with probiotics and antioxidants, the perfect beverage to aid in gut health and increasing your immune system, Dont be afraid to give us a try today!

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